Export Firebase Authentication Data

Export Firebase Authentication Data

Learn how to export Firebase authentication data via Firebase CLI Tools.

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Sometimes, you need emails of your firebase authentication data to drive email marketing/campaign.

Firebase Web console UI doesn't allow directly to export those data to say CSV for example, which is required for integration with other tools say.

In this article we will see how we can do that, using Firebase CLI tools. A powerful CLI tool that provides a variety of tools for managing, viewing, and deploying to Firebase projects.


  • Firebase Account.
  • Firebase Project. (Obviously Need Authentication Data :) )
  • Node/NPM Installed. (CLI can be accessed with standalone binary per OS as well, we will use Node package though in this. But bar installation, below steps, remain same.)

Exporting Firebase Authentication Data to CSV

  • We first need to install Firebase CLI to get access to firebase tools, and it's simple as firing the NPM command
    npm install -g firebase-tools
  • Once installation is successful, you can re-confirm by firing the below command with version flag
    firebase --version //v10.2.0 in our case
  • Now, we need to login into the firebase account by firing the below command
    firebase login --interactive

This will open up the default browser configured, and you sign up to your account against which firebase account/project is configured. Once logged in it will show Success Modal


CLI will also show successful authentication for CLI to access the firebase account/project.

  • We can now fire the firebase export command as below to export authentication data against our project of interest to CSV as below
    firebase auth:export auth_data.csv --format=csv --project <project-id>

    project-id can be derived from the firebase console, under Project Overview and then Project Settings. auth_data.csv can be renamed with anything you want.

  • If the command is successful, you will see something like this

    Exporting accounts to auth_data.csv
           Exported 50 account(s) successfully.
  • Voila! Next time you need updated data, just execute Auth Export command.


  • If you want Auth data in JSON format, command changes to
    firebase auth:export auth_data.json --format=json --project <project-id>
  • Auto Standalone Binary Firebase CLI installation command, this will download CLI tool based on underlying OS
    curl -sL firebase.tools | bash
  • If you are purely non technical, you can download installer from here for different OS

    Once installed, the rest process remains as above for exporting data.


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